Kim Rowan, owner and principal of KAR Printing & Design, has over eight years experience in profile design and development.

With an effective combination of color, typography and graphics, KAR Design will create a top quality profile that will reflect your personality.

Every profile receives personal attention, starting with a conversation to get an idea of your personal preferences. Bold colors or muted colors. Large photos or small photos. Big type or small type. Whatever you want. Each profile is designed to express your individual personality and create a distinctive look just for you.

Your project can be managed from start to finish, from design to printed brochures. Or, if you prefer, a disk can be provided for you to print on your own – it's your choice.

Are you located out of town? No problem – distance is not an issue! All drafts are transferred back and forth via email, with the profile in pdf format for your review.

As an added bonus, a CD of your profile is provided upon completion. Download here for a brochure with more detailed information.

Kim Rowan / KAR Printing & Design Services / Loudonville, NY 12211
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