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Kim Rowan, principal of KAR Printing and Design, has been designing profiles for over eight years. She has designed many profiles over the years, and has always been able to give each profile a unique, distinct design.

Through her experience, she can help you produce a profile that lets your personality shine through. This personal attention will provide a birth mother with a great first impression. She will help guide you with the pictures and the words, whether it's editing your story or helping you select just the right photos. The overall goal is to create a profile that helps you stand out from the rest!

The web site has just a few samples of couples who have been successful in their adoption journey. More samples and sizes are available upon request. More information can be found in KAR Printing & Design Profile Brochure, which you can download here. 

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Peter, Jolene & Lucas
Adoption Profile.

12 page, digest size profile.
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